Working Scuba Diving Couples

Hard Or Easy To Find Jobs For Working Scuba Diving Couples?

Couples that are dive professionals and work as a team can have a dive career together and are in fact very popular with many dive centers. Well run and functional scuba dive centres are hives of activity with lots of happy divers around; and you get some pretty cool people into diving. Many dive centres are located in wonderful holiday resort locations such as México, the Philippines, Thailand or Egypt. There are going to be lots of tourists seeking to enjoy their time diving and exploring. A dive center can only be as good as the dive staff that it employs. A couple (and I must emphasize that they still need to be very professional, great divers and amiable), are deemed to be stable by many dive centre employers. Generally couples are more grounded, in love and not as likely to run off with one of the staff or have flings with the makers. They’re less likely to have that ‘one more drink’ at the end of the night (The sun can get to you after a while). It is always very important to keep it professional no mattering ones standing in the scuba dive center.

Working Scuba Diving Couples

A dive employer simply wants great dive staff that are good at what they do but also responsible enough to turn up on time, with no hangover and ready for action. Couples that have trained to become dive professionals together (Sometimes one is a Dive Master and the other PADI OWSI or both instructors), are often very well suited to working as a team. During the PADI dive master and dive instructor training there is a lot of team work and role playing scenarios. Couples that have trained together and stayed together are often formidable forces with regards to planning and organisation.

Do both of divers have to be instructors to get dive work together? No, it is not necessary to both be instructors by any means. In many instances one diver of the couple might be a dive master whilst the other a higher certification of instructor or further. To get a foot in smaller dive centers couples will be able to gain work where a dive centre is hiring only one member of staff. It has been seen time and time again where the diver gains the job but the partner make themselves useful in such a professional way that they get hired also. A dive operation requires land based as well as diving staff daily. Many times it is seen that the diving instructor of the couple works the water whilst the partner works a mix of office and water. If a couple can work across a dive centre performing many duties and covering many bases they’ll soon become invaluable and part of the dive team. If you’re considering working as active instructors as a couple then it is a good idea to consider your employability during dive training. If you know that you are going to work together and teach scuba diving then try to get as many different specialty instructor courses as possible. If both of the instructors can teach say five instructor specialty courses each this is very attractive to a dive employer that teach a lot of courses. On a rare occasion it has been seen that one of the party is not a dive professional or even a diver for the couple to work together. This is very rare however unless the dive professional is outstanding and the land based employee possesses exemplary skills in an area required by the dive center. Generally, for the very best results for any professional dive couple to gain work one would at least be an instructor with the other a minimum of PADI dive master certified. In a dive centre it is important to have the knowledge of a diver and understand other divers’ experiences as much as possible. We all know the feeling of trying to gain information from a member of shop sales staff where they clearly have only a basic knowledge if any of the product that we are asking. It’s always productive to be dealing with some one that has knowledge and experience in an area that we are seeking advice.

In a dive center you would expect to deal with divers. If an employing dive center is supplying the accommodation for the dive employees then money can be saved by employing professional dive couples. Of course supplying one room for a couple is less expensive than supplying two individual rooms for individual divers. Working scuba diving couples for an employer does of course hold a few issues that of a single dive instructor would not cause. If one of the dive couple wanted to leave at any stage then the chances are that the dive center would lose two members of staff at the same time. This could be quite problematic if the couple held key positions in the dive operation. Many of the world’s leading dive operations employ couples. Quite a number of couples in the dive industry work in senior instructor and or dive centre management positions. To summarise, if you are considering taking time out with your partner working as scuba instructors in a far off land, it might well turn into something a little more long term.

There are plenty of scuba diving professional couples working in the dive industry – and VERY successfully!

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