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ALL dive job positions posted are 100% FREE but you also gain some great exposure. Simply send us a REAL dive job and we’ll post it and give you some advertising space for your time.

NO Dive Internships or scuba dive training disguised as a dive jobs are accepted within this area of Diversjobs.com. ALL of the positions listed by employers MUST be genuine recreational industry job offers for qualified scuba diving professionals.

If you do not wish to have your advertisement placed on the internet then simply mail me the details and I will send you the best resumes matching your job details. This is absolutely FREE with no catches – simply performing a service for pros and employers.

So how do you post a job on Diversjobs.com?

Simply contact Diversjobs with details of the dive job including as many details as possible. Clearer details can often lead to a better quality of employee (and looks more professional on your part). Your dive position will be posted within 12 hours. Alternatively simply complete the form below: