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Key Largo Diving Employment for Boat Captain / Instructor

Amoray Divers is Boat Captain Key Largo Employmenta family owned and operated dive center located in the heart of Key Largo, FL. We are seeking a full-time boat captain/DM or scuba instructor to drive two types of boats, a 45′ Corinthian and a 27′ Glacier Bay.

We run two trips daily to dive the coral reefs of Pennekamp State Park and the National M
arine Sanctuary. We also feature weekly dive trips to the wrecks of the Spiegel Grove and The Duane. There is an opening for the head boat captain position which pays $40K to $50K plus benefits, bonuses and gratuities. Check us out on our website and please email resume to amyamoray@aol.com.


Company Name: Amoray Dive Resort
Job Location: mm104, Key Largo, Florida
REQUIRED Diving Qualifications: Dive Master, OWSI
Required Language(s): English
Contact Name: amy slate
Contact Email Address: amyamoray@aol.com
Company Website: http://amoray.com

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