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You’ll find gaining a dive job really quite easy if you are affable, well-trained, actually VERY well-trained, reliable and indeed follow certain guidelines and possible ideas. The following scuba diving job articles were written by dive professionals to aid keen diver into successfully gaining diving employment and ideas for dive work. You can never have too much help!

Dive Job Articles:

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Dive Centres Want a TEAM PLAYER! There’s no getting away from it – if you’re to work at a dive centre you have to be part of a team and a team player. No dive centre can run successfully and safely unless all the staff work together as a solid unit. Team work is key […]

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Ensure You Have The Right To Work To gain a job in diving is what we strive for when becoming a diving professional. Once qualified we feel like the world has opened up to us and we’re free to roam. This is of course true however – are we legal? If you’re a diving professional […]

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What’s it Like to Have Full Time Scuba Diving Work? Whether you work at a small dive hut in the Caribbean, a large PADI CDC in Thailand or a massive resort operation in Egypt, two things about your scuba diving dream job are guaranteed: firstly, that it is indeed a job, not a permanent vacation, […]

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PADI Open Water Diver sew on badge

What dive job can I get as an Open Water Diver? As an Open Water diver you have taken your first steps into diving and all of the wonders that revolve around it. Frequently Open Water divers enquire as to what dive jobs are available to them to progress further. The answer is always the […]

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Hard Or Easy To Find Jobs For Working Scuba Diving Couples? Couples that are dive professionals and work as a team can have a dive career together and are in fact very popular with many dive centers. Well run and functional scuba dive centres are hives of activity with lots of happy divers around; and […]

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Equipment For A Dive Job – Be Ready Do I Need My Own Equipment For A Dive Job?   Do you want the short answer? Yes. Simply yes. Having your own equipment will help you a lot in gaining a dive job. Why would an employer hire someone that they have to pay for equipment […]

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PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

What is the benefit of the PADI MSDT? Is The PADI MSDT Worth Taking? Will It Help Me Get A Dive Job? These are common questions to us here at Diversjobs. When aiming for a full time dive job and new career the first goal to achieve is the scuba instructor rating (OWSI) as this […]

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Get The Best Dive Professional Start – Get The Correct Diver Training You’ve just finished your open water course, you fell in love with diving (and possibly that great looking guy who was your scuba instructor) and now you’re wondering what it takes to leave the cold, grey misery of the corporate rat-race and join […]

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For Dive Jobs Which Is The Best SCUBA Agency To Be Certified By? There are literally hundreds of scuba diving organisations, dive training agencies and scuba certifying bodies in existence. Some of these are small groups of divers in specialised areas such as cave diving or scientific diving. Some of the smaller groups possibly deal […]

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 I have tattoos/piercings – Will I have a problem gaining a dive job? Why not? Can you breathe? Can you dive? Can you instruct dive courses well? Then you can work in diving if you are a pleasant soul and good at what you do but piercings and tattoos or not, one still needs to […]